About Me

A trip to Israel should be a fun, exciting and inspiring adventure – seeing the sights, taking in the culture, exploring traditional roots and just letting loose.

My name is Shannie Paine and I am a traveler at heart. Over the last 20 years I have been exploring and guiding around the world. Among my travels, my curious nature sent me to the four corners of the world on an adventurous two year motorcycle trip across the southern hemisphere. On my return home I began to study the history and theology of the land of Israel and with every step I realized that this land is like no other.

Growing up as a native Israeli in a bi-lingual home, gives me a great advantage to being a guide for English speaking groups coming to Israel. With the experience and knowledge I have required over the years, combined with my relaxed, flexible and youthful nature, I offer you an unforgettable experience that is both educational and fun, with adventure being my goal! Over the years I have guided some top businessmen, celebrities, diplomats and celebration trips, including wedding groups and bar and bat mitzvah tours.

A trip to Israel offers an amazing glimpse into the land’s heritage and culture, which has a profound impact on each person’s individual identity. The abundance that this tiny country has to offer and the limited time available on a trip often means that people do not use their time to maximize their Israel experience. As your guide I can ensure you a tailor-made tour that will be flexible to your personal needs at all times. This is, by far the best way to explore Israel – not to mention that the comfort and style of a luxury 6 passenger seat limo-van surely adds to the experience…

I invite you to contact me and allow me to guide you as you fall in love with Israel – YOUR Israel experience is waiting to be designed!