About The Tour

“Dear Shannie,

You probably hear this all the time but I must say it anyway–You are THE MOST amazing guide! The tremendous impact of this past trip to Israel was due in large part to you–your extensive knowledge, the ability you have to explain history, past and present, in clear and often humorous ways and the ease with which you quickly became a part of our family. We all enjoyed your company and expertise and know that we would not take another trip to Israel without you. We learned so much, appreciated that you encouraged our questions on all matters, and will forever look back on this vacation as a highlight in our lives. Thank you! Thank you!”

Lyn Promisloff, USA 


“I have personally been on and led several trips in Israeland have seen and worked with many guides. So it is not lightly that I tell you that Shannie was extraordinary.  He was able to talk to both the kids and the grown-ups in such a way that it was interesting for both. Not many guides know how to do that.  And at every point Shannie was sensitive to our needs, even when they were unusual or unexpected.
I thank you again for giving my children and grandchildren an experience of Israel that I know they will remember and treasure for the rest of their lives.”

– Rabbi Jim Diamond
Princeton, NJ, U.S.


“Hi Shannie

I wanted to thank you personally for the day tour throughJerusalem. Just to remind you I was part of the Australian group you took around – we were there for the wedding.

Your knowledge and factual accounts are superb. One day was definitely not enough and I look forward to meeting up with you in the future to hear some more of your amazing history within a country that has faced so much and is still faced with ongoing issues.”

Kim Feinberg-Normand

South Africa


“I cannot begin to tell you how much fun we had touring the North of Israel.  Our guide, Shannie, was great!  We covered a lot of territory, hitting 6 or 7 major areas each day and ending up sipping wine at the top of Golan Heights, drinking chocolate liquor drinks somewhere (I don’t remember the name) and watching the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea from the top of a cliff that we had hiked to.  Shannie was like a walking encyclopedia of religious and Middle Eastern history yet he was funny and nice (unlike other guides we encountered).  I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great tour.”

– Eva Hill

San Francisco, U.S.


“Our trip and Shannie’s company exceeded our highest expectations.

We were provided an opportunity to seeIsraelfrom a unique, grassroots perspective.

We were given insight and nuanced commentary.  We participated in spirited debate.

We experienced the horrors, sorrows and joys of our Jewish being.

I will personally remember this trip as a defining milestone on my own inner quest as a Jew.”

–          Max Mendelson
Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.

“We had a fabulous day with Shannie.  His interests precisely matched
our own, and his breadth of knowledge was very impressive.  He’s an
excellent guide to recommend to anyone.”

Michael Cannon-
Washington University in St. Louis, U.S.

“We are so thankful for Shannie, a guide with the wisdom of Solomon, the beauty of Joseph, the eloquence of David, the sensitivity of Abraham, and the leadership of Moses! He gave us a vision of Israelthat we will never forget. I teased him a little with the verse from Mishle that says, “As much as the calf wishes to suckle, the cow wishes to nurse.” He fed us a feast of milk and honey, answered our questions patiently, and remained calm and cheerful.
The itinerary was of course too full, and none of us can think of anything we would have been willing to miss. You can be sure when I say “L’hitraot” that I mean it. I’m already dreaming of another trip.”

– Rabbi Malka Drucker
Sante Fe, New Mexico