Tel Aviv and Jaffa

Although originally known as Ahuzat Bayit, the city became known as Tel Aviv in 1909. It is considered the first Modern Hebrew city and acts today as the metropolitan epicenter of the country: home to both the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the Diamond Exchange. Tel Aviv is also renowned for its exquisite beaches and lively nightlife.

Some of Tel Aviv must-see spots and museums include:

  • Old Jaffa is an ancient port city with a unique charm that mixes east and west. The attractions include haggling in the Jaffa flea market, the Clock Tower in the central square, climbing to the top of the ancient archeological hill to view Tel Aviv’s beautiful coastline and walking through the old allies of the artist colony home to a few famous local contemporary artists such as Frank Meisler and the Ilana Gur Museum.
  • Visit Simon the Tanner’s house on the way down to the little port.
  • Neve Tzedek is the first built neighborhood in the new city of Tel Aviv, Built in 1887. A pleasant walk from the old buildings of the quiet neighborhood will lead you from the “Red City” to the UNESCO World Heritage site of the “White City” Bauhaus buildings on Rothschild Boulevard.
  • Stop by the Hall of independence on Rothschild Boulevard to listen to the story of the declaration of the State of Israel, in the actual place where it all happened.
  • The Ayalon Institute in the town of Rehovot will expose you to the thrilling story of the Hagana resistance organization in the days before the War of Independence in 1948, along with a tour of a well-disguised bullet factory hidden under the Kibbutz’s laundry house.
  • The Palmach museum is probably one of the most fascinating museums in Tel Aviv. It tells the story of the Hagana Jewish resistance organization from before WWII until the first days of the IDF and tries to capture the atmosphere and feel of that historical time – the time of creating a new chapter in Jewish history. Pre-booking is advised, sometimes up to six month ahead!
  • Nahalat Binyamin pedestrian open mall comes to life every Tuesday and Friday with a beautiful little art market with local artists selling there own handcraft goods to the sound of young musicians basking on every corner. On the parallel road you can enjoy the hustling Carmel food market
  • The New port of Tel Aviv offers a nice variety of little restaurants and cafes and is a terrific place to end the day with a nice stroll on the boardwalk watching one of the pretty sunsets into the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art for a look at the works of Israel’s elite.

The Coastal planes

  • Visit the ruins of the coastal town of Caesarea. The Roman town dedicated to the Caeser was built by King Herod and served as the administrating capital of the land for many years. Visit the ancient theater, hippodrome, and water aqueduct leading to the city surrounded by crusader walls.
  • Drive to the lovely little town of Zichron Yaakov that is located on a hill overlooking the coast of Israel. The town was built by the Baron De Rothschild, known at the time as the “Known Benefactor” and holds a garden tomb where he is buried.
  • Enjoy a majestic view from the top of the beautiful Baha’i Persian gardens in Haifa overlooking the whole of the Galilee coastline and western slopes.
  • Explore the northern old town of Acre (Akko), that once used to be the capital of the second Crusader kingdom in the 13th century, and walk through the towns well preserved Crusader Halls and colorful fish market.
  • Go down to the Sea Grottos at the site of Rosh Hanikra that is located on the sea border with Lebanon.