The Dead Sea and Massada

The Dead Sea region is the lowest point on earth. It is over 400 meters (1300ft) below sea level. The sea itself is extremely salty, more than ten times the salt in regular seawater – allowing you to float in its waters.

  • A trip to the Dead Sea is not complete without a mud treatment on the beach.
  • The fort of Massada stands like a living monument to the drama that took place on top of the Mountain nearly 2000 years ago. The outstanding mountain rising high over the Dead Sea basin witnessed a fight between a bunch of Jewish rebels and the mighty Roman Empire. The dramatic story told by the great historian Josephus Flavius echoes in the pages of history. This is no doubt one of the most impressive historical sites in the world.
  • A dip in the cool fresh water stream of the Ein Geddi oasis can be quite refreshing at the end of a hot day. The wild life that comes to enjoy the water is nearly in reach while you enjoy looking at the pretty waterfalls in the middle of the extreme desert.
  • The site of Kumran is the original place in which the Dead Sea scrolls were found.