The Negev Desert

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The Negev Desert, in southern Israel, is sparsely populated, yet accounts for over half of Israel’s land area. Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, dreamed about building the Negev, and even had his desert home there. Today, tourism has developed there as it offers guests history, archaeology, fresh water springs, remains of agricultural compounds and the opportunity to meet with the Bedouins who live there. Make no mistake; the stark desert beauty of this area rivals the lush exquisiteness of the north.

Visit the first prime minister’s shack in Kibbutz Sde Boker.

  • Hike the Ovdat oasis hidden in the Negev cliffs.
  • Enjoy Bedouin hospitality in a tent and go on a camel ride in the desert.
  • Take a Jeep ride to go off road deep into the biggest erosion crater in the world. The Ramon crater was created by a massive erosion of land by water and wind. The site also boasts numerous unique geological formations as well as natural wild life such as the Nubian Ibex and Wild Ass that run around freely.