The North

A visit to the north of Israel is like stepping into another country; maybe even another time-zone. The hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv and the intensity of Jerusalem are not a factor in this part of the country. Instead, visitors will enjoy beautiful views, fresh air and a feel for the beauty of the Israeli countryside. One has but to gaze in wonderment at the sheer miracle of such beautiful greenery and agriculture filling a piece of land that is, to all extents and purposes, a desert.

The tour plan for your visit will differ according to the season in which you choose to visit, as well as whether you are looking at a general, Jewish or Christian tour option. One thing is for sure, this region is diverse, rich and full of many entertainment options – you won’t be disappointed.

 The Golan Heights

  • Climb up to the IDF army bucker on the Ben-Tal volcano to view into Syria and learn about the 1967 and 1973 wars that have had a profound impact on the political and strategic situation in the Middle East until today.
  • Take an adventures tour on self-riding ATV’s on the border with Syria. Driving license is required.
  • Visit one of the local prize winning local wineries. Maybe test your artistic talents crafting with chocolate in a boutique chocolate factory or visit an olive oil press.
  • Summer fruit picking in the fields.
  • Climb an authentic Crusader style fortress from the 13th century on the Hermon Mountain to view down onto the Hula Valley.
  • Bathing in the Hamat- Gadder hot springs can be quite refreshing on a cold winter’s day.

Upper Galilee

 Take a spiritual tour in the Kabalistic town of Safed (Tsfat), walk down its narrow allies that lead to some breath-taking viewpoints on all the hills and valleys below. Visit some of the most important synagogues in Israel, and enjoy the little art market where you can find some top of the range art galleries and workshops of local artists together with a vast variety of Judaica art craft stands.

  • View into Lebanon from one of the Kibbutzim on the border line and listen to the reality of their daily life.
  • Hike down one of the little rivers which feed the Jordan River.
  • Rafting down the Jordan River is a fun family activity and the only place in the world where you can do Holy water rafting!

Lower Galilee and The Sea of Galilee

The Lower Galilee region and the Sea of Galilee have an abundance of biblical and historical sites from Nazareth to Armageddon and from the top of Mount Transfiguration to the Jordan River. This region is the cradle of Christianity and the area in which most of the New Testament Biblical stories take place.

  • Visit the Church of Annunciation and Mary’s well in Nazareth.
  • Go down to the lower floor of the Church of the Wedding in the town of Canna to see the stone water containers found there.
  • Take a drive up the winding road to reach the Church of Transfiguration on the top of Mount Tabor overlooking the Jezrael valley. This is where Jesus is believed to have revealed his divine nature to his disciples for the first time.
  • The archeological park of Megiddo is a Biblical fort overlooking a strategic point on the way of the ancient Via Maris road. It has a 2000 year old water shaft from the first Temple time, and it is mentioned in the book of Revelations as the site of Armageddon – the battle field of the final war between good and evil.
  • The North West tip of the Sea of Galilee is the area where most of Jesus’s activity took place in the Bible. A few churches were built there to commemorate these Biblical events. The Mount of Beatitudes is where the Sermon on the Mount took place. The Church of the Multiplication of Fish and Loaves. The Church of the Primacy of Peter.
  • The archeological park of Capernaum is the ancient Biblical town in which Jesus lived and preformed miracles. It is the town where Peter and the disciples lived. The ancient church located on the shore was built on ruins from the second Temple time town. The large Byzantine time Synagogue that was restored close by and reveals a little of the relationship between the Christian and Jewish communities living side by side 1500 years ago.
  • Check out the beautifully preserved ancient boat from the time of Jesus, accidently found on the shore of Gennesaret during a drought a few years ago.
  • The baptism site of Yardenit is located on the southern side of the lake, as it exits back into the Jordan River.

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